Cooking Farro for the First Time

Have you ever cooked farro? Have you ever even heard of farro?

I have the great and almighty Whole Foods to thank for my introduction to farro. I saw it on the Whole Foods salad bar and decided to try it. It looked like some kind of lovely and fluffy, more gangster version of brown rice. And we all know that I am a super gangster and just had to try some gangster “brown rice.”

It turns out that farro is actually not “gangster brown rice.” Who knew?

According to the Food Network, farro is an ancient grain that is similar in flavor and texture to brown rice. I can personally attest to this being true. While farro is similar in flavor and texture to brown rice, it is a bit more enthusiastic about its existence; it is less apologetic about being a brown grain. It is, dare I say, hella GANGSTER.

I don’t have a special recipe for cooking farro; I just wanted to introduce it to folks who may be unfamiliar with this grain. I, too, was ignorant of this gangster brown rice just a few weeks ago.


I bought a small package of farro (still known as gangster brown rice) at Sprouts a few weeks ago. I rediscovered it in my messy pantry and decided to boil some up. Preparing farro couldn’t get more basic–you just follow the package directions.



  • Some farro
  • Some water
  • A pinch of salt

Combine farro and salt in water. Boil until the grains are tender. For me, this took longer than the package directions stated. The package directions stated that this would take approximately 20 minutes. Mine took about 35 minutes. Perhaps I did not boil my water hot enough? Insert science joke and water temperature joke here.

I did not use the absorption method with farro. I cook my rice in a similar way; I use more water than is necessary. That way, I leave a little room for error…or if I accidentally forget that I’m cooking rice. So, add more water than you think is necessary and just boil the farro in the generous amount of water until it is done.

How simple!

Would you try farro? Leave me a comment below!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. msclaiborne says:

    Well, I to have never heard of Farro! I will go on the hunt for it and try it. I’ll try new stuff once 😬 Looking at it in the photo it really just looks like basic ass brown rice…while it may just be gangster rice, I’ll give you my take on it once I experience it 😉


    1. Nikki D says:

      Come back and leave a comment to tell us what you think about farro! ❤️


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