I Got Wet at Whole Foods


whole foods front door

Ah, Whole Foods Market, my version of Disney Land.

Ah, torrential downpours that come out of no where. The calling card of the Houston Metro Area.

This past Sunday, I visited my local Whole Foods Market to pick up some salmon and epsom salts. I think having those two items on my shopping list gives you some idea of my age.

I went into the Whole Foods wearing sunglasses. I pushed them up on top of my head as a crossed the threshold of the store. When I exited the store, about 25 minutes or so later, it was POURING RAIN.

Good ole Houston, am I right?

Thanks to coronavirus restrictions, or as I like to call them, “The Rona Rules”, I was not allowed to take in my reusable bags. And we all know what happens when tree pulp meets moisture: MAJOR BAG STRUCTURAL FAILURE.

Thankfully, only one of my bags fell apart before I could everything inside. I was also able to scoop up the destroyed bag and cradle it, like a fussy child, into one arm and carry the goods that way.

Here’s a list of what I bought at Whole Foods:

Organic almonds
Organic crackers
A leek
Corn tortillas
Heavy whipping cream
Eucalyptus Epsom salt
Two oat milk chocolate bars
1 bunch of spinach
1 bunch of celery
2 Roma tomatoes
2 gala apples
1 avocado
A bag of cherries

The most expensive item by far was the salmon. Once, I accidentally bought “King Salmon” instead of “Pauper’s Salmon” (not a real type of salmon, but I’d like to suggest to the fish monger world that it become a nick name for Atlantic salmon. The King Salmon was about $27.99 per pound; what I usually buy is about $9.99  a pound. At the checkout stand, I remember thinking, “Gosh, I spent quite a bit.” I didn’t realize my error until I’d looked at my receipt in the car. My resourceful mother told me to “take it back inside” , but I was MUCH too embarrassed to do so. I was also really curious to discover, through taste, why it was so expensive. I discovered through online research that King Salmon is more rare and is wild-caught, instead of farmed, so it has more nutrients and may be better for the environment. However, taste wise, I cannot say that it was worth the high additional cost.

If there’s a Whole Foods Market near you, do you shop there? Why or why not? Drop a comment below and share your thoughts with me and stay tuned to find out what I will do with the leek in an upcoming blog post and video!

Enjoy my VLOG of this shopping trip by clicking here and visiting my YouTube channel.Be sure to *like* and *share* and *subscribe* 🙂

Stay fed!



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