Despair at Whole Foods


I work from home and most days, I try to get out of the house and enjoy the horrors of being around other people.

Lately, I have been visiting this lovely little coffee shop in Montrose, a neighborhood in Houston, Texas, where I currently live.

The coffee shop is called Inversion, and they sell the best drink I’ve had in a while: an iced matcha + lavender tea with almond milk concoction. It’s delicious.

Feeling inspired, I popped into Whole Foods aka the real happiest place on earth, to buy some matcha powder, ceremonial grade, of course, and some lavender.

Do you see where this story is headed?

Score 1: matcha purchased!

Score 0: no lavender to be found!

I suppose I will visit Whole Foods’ baby daddy, aka Amazon, to buy some lavender and attempt to make myself a drink in a few days.

Where do you buy your lavender?

Is that the most pretentious question ever? 😂

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